In 1998 an SVP at Lotus emailed IBM corporate demanding that Scott and his entire IBM team be fired then arrested. Luckily at that time Lotus was a division of IBM. Scott’s team had designed & built a product based on Lotus Notes Domino which booked $2B in revenue for IBM that year. To ensure the security of this revenue Scott designed, and had one of his coop students write, a program to enumerate all the vulnerabilities of a Lotus Domino web server. One evening another coop on the team used this tool to successfully hack Lotus's own production Internet server. Once IBM legal, HR, and management understood the situation nearly everyone had a good laugh. The following week Scott met with the Lotus SVP, and shared the security tool with them. From his first computer, a TRS-80 Modell III, to his latest Apple iOS project Scott has many colorful stories.

In 2009 Scott, and two friends redefined the software platform used in competitive archery by delivering an iPhone app called 
Archer’s Mark.  To further extend their success his team developed a companion application called Archer’s Score which was released in October 2010. Scott’s company FFX went from no products to four in it’s first a year, two of which were sponsored by a major supplier in the Archery industry! Since then Scott has worked with Taekwondo America to produce two multi-touch enhanced textbooks, complete with videos and interactive self grading quizzes. In early 2014 he edited and published his mother's first children's book.

Scott’s primary role, and what he’s most passionate about, is 
selling high performance Ethernet (10G & 40G) server adapters for Solarflare. Scott started with SolarFlare in August of 2013 with his initial focus being IBM, Federal, & SE Sales. Today Solarflare leads the performance ethernet adapter market, and they're now expanding into security & monitoring. In an effort to add value wherever he can Scott does his own research & writes whenever possible. In September 2014 he published in article in Cyber Defense Magazine titled "Your Server as the Last Line of Cyber Defense", and in November of 2013 HPCWire published a piece he'd written on the 10GbE server adapter market. You can regularly read Scott's latest thoughts in his popular blogs on Linkedin, and at