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Marketing is the process of creating or improving demand for the product or service your enterprise offers. This is often achieved through creative branding and the development of appropriate websites, press releases, trade press articles, shows, events, collateral, co-branding and sponsorships. Scott has done all of these.

Being a huge Jeffrey Gitomer fan in May 2011 Scott started using Jeff’s Ace of Sales tool. With that he’s sent out over 2,000 emails, over 1,000 were copies of his monthly 10Gigazine a monthly eZine news letter on 10GbE. Copies are available by clicking on the image to the left.

Scott then authored an
article for Archery magazine on how technology is marching forward in archery through iPhone apps. Three were reviewed, and coincidentally Archer’s Mark was featured because it was truly the most innovative of the bunch. This article was completed and submitted prior to the app being launched on November 16th in iTunes. It was published in January 2010.

Recently Scott stoked the coals of his site, that he put on hold in late 2009, recasting it as a Blog to discuss the issues around this now standard technology. For now Scott has cross linked to this site and he’s tweeting on #40GbE.
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Scott’s best example though is how he introduced Archer’s Mark. As the program neared completion Scott refreshed the FFX corporate website, and created the necessary product pages for Archer’s Mark complete with a video and series of screen shots. Scott then jumped onto four websites world-wide that support archers and began to create buzz. Screen shots of the iPhone app, brief feature descriptions. He also asked some of the beta testers to post about it and further drive discussion.

Over the holidays while shooting with some friends one mentioned that they knew the President of Lancaster Archery Supply. Lancaster is the largest archery distributor in the US and possibly the world, Scott’s friend offered to “hook him up.” Lancaster has a huge indoor archery competition the end of January at their facility. Often 200 archers compete and another 100 or so attend. During the first week of January after a series of phone calls Scott closed a sponsorship deal with Lancaster. It was agreed that they would co-brand products, Lancaster would also feature Archer’s Mark at their upcoming event, provide both sponsorship money and marketing funds (MDF), pro-shooter shirts for Scott’s team of six, and provide both online and print ads in their upcoming catalog.

FFX instantly invested the MDF in two 3’x5’ banners for the event, featured above.

We then produced 500 iPhone size/shaped cards to be handed out, front and back shown below. Next all the shirts were embroidered with the Archer’s Mark icon, and FFX purchased an iPod Touch that was used as a door prize during the event.

Before each group of archers shot in competition the rules were reviewed, sponsors thanked and the president of Lancaster then did a brief commercial for Archer’s Mark. That night at the banquet after raffling off thirty or so items Scott was called up to give a quick pitch on Archer’s Mark before the iPod was given away.
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The above story represents four months of part-time marketing work on a single project.