In the fall of 2012 Scott and his son Chris joined
TechShop RDU. They've both taken several metal shop classes, and while Chris went on to take SandBlasting and Powder Coating Scott took Laser Cutting & Etching along with basic Wood Shop. Chris then built a red & black suit of armor while Scott constructed a Teak urn for his father's ashes. The urn was crafted from two layers of wood (1/4" Teak over 1/8" plywood) using the laser to precision cut each piece. It also includes a picture of his father etched in glass and installed in front of a high gloss 22 gauge black powder coated metal backdrop which Chris created. The Teak on the front is etched with his father's name, an inscription, the Marines logo, and a sketch of his boat. Pictures of the urn project are available here.
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On the side Scott assists several people and organizations with their own websites while maintaining his own. All these sites will be seeing some major upgrades in the first quarter of 2012. Here is a list of sites Scott is currently maintaining:

FFX - This is Scott's hobby project, and home for: Archer’s Mark, Archer’s Score, Archer’s Excuse, Taekwondo America Colored Belt & Black Belt student manuals, along with other various development efforts. / - Scott's blogging site, which was redesigned and re-released earlier this year.

The Builder - Scott’s brother is a new home builder in NY. Scott handled the rebranding & design. Now it is being moved to a web-managed facility for the folks at "The Builder" to pickup.

NickApuzzo - Nick is a good friend of Scott’s and the author of three books “Connected”, "Reconnected", and "900 Nights". Scott assisted Nick in getting his first book published electronically, specifically for the Apple’s iBookstore. Scott then quickly crafted Nick's website.

BSA399 - Chris working with Scott handled the redesign of the troop’s website. Although the content is managed today by other scouts.

ScottSchweitzer - Scott's own personal site.

In his spare time Scott enjoys Taekwondo and earned his Black Belt in December 2010. He also spends time hiking with the scouts and on rare occasions snorkeling, and SCUBA diving. After several years Scott is currently a senior red belt, and plans to earn his black belt before Christmas. Chris recently joined TKD and they work out together several times a week. Chris is also working on his hiking merit badge so together they’ve got a number of significant hikes planned for this fall. Over the past 20 years Scott has dove both the east and west coasts of the US, the walls in the Caymans, with sharks and dolphins in the Bahamas, but his favorite diving is in Key Largo FL.

Chris Summiting one of the Peaks at Grandfather Mountain & our intrepid group. 9/2010.
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On December 4, 2010 Scott tested for his Black Belt in TKD. Here are his board breaks. Scott did a Right Reverse Ridge hand which is rare because if executed improperly one can seriously damage their hand.

Scott’s parents were visiting the end of April 2010, and his Dad handed him the following clipping from his wallet. It’s from IBM Research Magazine in 1994. Scott's Dad had been carrying it around for 16 years! I guess to him this was some tangible means of grasping his son’s success. It’s little acts like this that well, make Scott kinda misty... In this shot you can see Scott chatting on an old style cell phone leaning against a tree on the front lawn of IBM Watson Research while using his laptop via a wireless network into the lab, in 1994, that's over 18 years ago folks, even before Al Gore invented the Internet!